I like to remark that 'Perpetual Immobile' will end in the highest echelons of many peoples wishing year list.

For one I know already for sure.

Ik wil volstaan met de opmerking dat 'Perpetual Immobile' in de hoogste regionen van menig jaarlijstje zal belanden. Van eentje weet ik het al zeker.


I have not held such a complete album in years. Grab your chance now and buy this album.

Enjoy 'Perpetual Immobile' before it's too late.

Ik heb in jaren niet zo’n compleet album in handen gehad. Grijp nu je kans en schaf dit album aan.

En geniet ook van 'Perpetual Immobile' voordat het te laat is.

I can recommend anyone to buy this album, you're doing yourself a big favor and in my case,

maybe even the neighbors.

Ik kan iedereen aanraden om dit album in huis te halen, je doet jezelf er een groot plezier mee,

en in mijn geval misschien zelfs de buren.

Perpetual Immobile is just such a great album and it will end in my best 2018 year list.


Perpetual Immobile is gewoon een knappe plaat, die gaat gewoon eindigen in mijn jaarlijst.
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A prog masterpiece which I have enjoyed broadcasting several times on Beat Route Radio.

Bob Prigmore - progrock.com

I'd like to give you my compliments for this awesome album, it just doesn’t want out of my cd player.
There is so much variation a real pleasure to listen with so many different styles of music.

Theo Elfring - Prog Non Stop Radio


The overall sound and songs were really good. I master a lot of ‘progressive’ music - some great.
Some not so great! I would class this as great!

Steve Kitch - Master Enigineer 'The Pineapple Thief'

Enjoy it while it lasts


OUT NOW! After years of work the new and long-awaited Philhelmon album 'Perpetual Immobile' is here! All we need is you to bring our music to a wider global audience! Be a very important part of Philhelmon’s

new CD by getting this one on your shelf. CD comes in a 6 page digisleeve design with printed spine and

a 28 lyrics booklet. Mastering by Steve Kitch UK (The Pineapple Thief)

BUY NOW by using the PayPal, Order or the BANDCAMP buttons.

'Ventus Solaris' - A complete full track song from Philhelmon’s    new album 'Perpetual Immobile'. OUT NOW!

'A Hard Road' - A complete full track song from Philhelmon’s new album 'Perpetual Immobile'. OUT NOW!

' Behind the Scenes' -  Exclusive footage from Philhelmon’s new album 'Perpetual Immobile'. OUT NOW!



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Philhelmon Missisippi Delta 2011

For the past 52-years I’ve been a semi-pro musician and a graphic designer. My musical life began a long time ago as an eight-year-old who fell in love with the guitar upon hearing bands like The Shadows etc. As a teen my guitar playing evolved by listening to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and many  others. After high school became interested in many other forms of music; Blues, Progressive Rock, Classical, Jazz, and all new forms of music created as a result of these styles colliding. Although getting famous was and is an unobtainable utopia,
I love music to the point of being addicted! I can't help but continue to create.
As a long-time (bass) guitarist I also like to write and play blues-based rock, progressive rock, and make video clips. I'm also a synthesizer aficionado. When ELP and Wendy Carlos with the MOOG Synthesizer came along
I wanted to play keyboards as well. In 1969 this helped inspire me to start ‘Bluesgroup Crusade’ with friends which in 1971 became ‘Progressive Rockgroup Crusade.’ We split up in 1974 and many of my peers started playing in famous Dutch groups like; Cuby & The Blizzards, Livin' Blues, Finch and later on in Ayreon etc.

Due to my growing interest in the facets of production, engineering, arranging, and composing, over the past
40 years, I’ve built my home-studio into a functional little recording space. What’s crazy about this generation
of musicians and producers is that the majority of them make music in basements, sheds and bedrooms - makeshift studios like mine. With the help of my growing community of musical friends I recorded my first solo project 'Different Places, Different Faces’ in 1985. It’s still available on iTunes and in many other internet stores.

In 1990 the original ‘Blues Crusade’ line-up started got back together and was renamed 'Bluesgroup Crusade+Friends'. In 2000 I left Crusade to join the crossover band ‘Precious Time’. We released the album
‘Did I Ever Tell You?’ in 2003. In 2005 ‘Precious Time’ released their second album 'If the Gods Knew’.

In 2006 I started working on my second solo project entitled, 'Enjoy it while it lasts'. This album has a slight progressive rock sound and might more fittingly be called progressive pop.
Enjoy it while it lasts' received raving press and radio reviews/interviews world wide.This Limited Edition is SOLD OUT! But still available

as download at https://philhelmon.bandcamp.com/album/enjoy-it-while-it-lasts

Making good music takes time. Simple, right? If you put in the thousand of hours your ideas will hopefully take shape. But in any workflow, there will be some problems: creative blocks, mistakes, and all the other awful things that eat up time. They may seem like a necessary evil, but dealing with roadblocks… we’ve had our fair share. It is with great pride that we present you with our most recent prog-pop-rock album ’Perpetual Immobile’.


The whole album involved some excellent singing and playing by a wonderful cast of national and international musicians.This idea of inspiration and collaboration also makes me feel very fortunate that I live in a time where the power of the internet can open new doorways for working with people around the globe.

Perpetual Immobile: Epistemic Impossibility is riddled with searing lead guitars, virtuosic synths, and a lot of complex layers of instruments from all over the world. Musically it is progressive rock, but definitely has a lot of melodicism and accessible hooks to the point that you could almost call it progressive pop. Conceptually, the title, Perpetual Immobile: Epistemic Impossibility, references a philosophical idea in modal logic. If something is perpetually immobile, then it is forever unmoving, and if something is epistemically impossible it cannot be true given what we know. The lyrical concepts focus on moving from the individual’s experience, to what can be known by the individual, to things that are beyond what we can know. It represents us on the journey of life and search for meaning.

We collaborate worldwide with more then 50 stellar musicians and 2 choir's resulting in 80 minutes of music. Get this deluxe Limited Edition on your shelf. CD comes in a 6 page digisleeve design with printed spine and a
28 lyrics booklet. Mastering by Steve Kitch (The Pineapple Thief) UK.

After raving reviews, interviews and comments in magazines, internet, radio attention and world wide sales,

I thought it's time to share it with you on Bandcamp as well.


Sunday morning
Recording a videoclip USA 2016
Guest musician Ron Hurst
Henk Moog Moduar 2016
Guest musician Dennis de Bruijn
Henk and Ky virtual reality
John & Henk with ARP 2500
Guest musician Mels Bol and me
Guest musician Pjotr Jurtschenko
Another day in the Studio
Music Store USA 2016
With guest musician Albert Houwaart
Ky and Henk USA 2016
Rooftop USA 2016
Henk and Rick USA 2016
Rehearsing time USA 2016
Ky and Tiger Brooke USA 2016
Good times in the USA 2016
Party time USA 2016
Me and guest musician Austin Wilson
Henk and Ky Recording USA 2016
Tea time with Margie Fifer
Fifer Tea Party in Hood River USA
Tiger Brooke Recording
Jay Setar and Chris Buck
Henk and Ky at MIR Music Store
Guest musician Jay Setar
Guest musician Chris Buck
Me and guest musician Joris Bol
Consultation with Nick Oosterhuis
Dear friend John Havermans R.I.P.
Guest musician Joris Bol, hit it!
Guste musician Greg den Hartog
Fun time
Me and Pjotr Jurtschenko
Eject Studio Germany
Jamming with Peter van Ravens
Nathalie Mees and Henk
Playing the Church Organ
Cleem Determeijer recording
Cees Zoetewey and Henk
Dustin Rose and Ky Fifer
iPad fun
Michael Samson recording
Henk in Studio 'Het Pand'
Kyregma Choir recording
Interview Kathy Keller Radioshow
Henk Bol in WORM Studio
Mels 2017 HB01
Cleem Determeijer figure it out
Recording the Blackbird
Meeting managers Kathy and Dirk
Guest musician Ron Hurst
Joris, Henk & Maarten Bol
John Havermans 2016 R.I.P.
Guest musician Giovanni Blue
Henk and Rick Kallen 2017
Ana Batista
Choir 'Out of the Blue'
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Philhelmon Merchandise 2018
Philhelmon Crowdfunding 2018
Postoffice Merchandise 2018
Hans Holema & Henk
Guest engineer Narciso Monteiro
Guest musician Alessandro Bertoni
Henk & Steve Kitch
Recording a videoclip USA 2016
Henk aka Philhelmon


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Henk and Rick USA 2016

Henk with Philhelmon lyricist Rick Kallen talking about a new project?