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I like to remark that 'Perpetual Immobile' will end in the highest echelons of many peoples wishing year list.

For one I know already for sure.

Ik wil volstaan met de opmerking dat 'Perpetual Immobile' in de hoogste regionen van menig jaarlijstje zal belanden. Van eentje weet ik het al zeker.


I have not held such a complete album in years. Grab your chance now and buy this album.

Enjoy 'Perpetual Immobile' before it's too late.

Ik heb in jaren niet zo’n compleet album in handen gehad. Grijp nu je kans en schaf dit album aan.

En geniet ook van 'Perpetual Immobile' voordat het te laat is.

I can recommend anyone to buy this album, you're doing yourself a big favor and in my case,

maybe even the neighbors.

Ik kan iedereen aanraden om dit album in huis te halen, je doet jezelf er een groot plezier mee,

en in mijn geval misschien zelfs de buren.

Perpetual Immobile is just such a great album and it will end in my best 2018 year list.


Perpetual Immobile is gewoon een knappe plaat, die gaat gewoon eindigen in mijn jaarlijst.
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A prog masterpiece which I have enjoyed broadcasting several times on Beat Route Radio.

Bob Prigmore -

I'd like to give you my compliments for this awesome album, it just doesn’t want out of my cd player.
There is so much variation a real pleasure to listen with so many different styles of music.

Theo Elfring - Prog Non Stop Radio


The overall sound and songs were really good. I master a lot of ‘progressive’ music - some great.
Some not so great! I would class this as great!

Steve Kitch - Master Enigineer 'The Pineapple Thief'

Enjoy it while it lasts


OUT NOW! After years of work the new and long-awaited Philhelmon album 'Perpetual Immobile' is here! All we need is you to bring our music to a wider global audience! Be a very important part of Philhelmon’s

new CD by getting this one on your shelf. CD comes in a 6 page digisleeve design with printed spine and

a 28 lyrics booklet. Mastering by Steve Kitch UK (The Pineapple Thief)

BUY NOW by using the PayPal, Order or the BANDCAMP buttons.

'Ventus Solaris' - A complete full track song from Philhelmon’s    new album 'Perpetual Immobile'. OUT NOW!

'A Hard Road' - A complete full track song from Philhelmon’s new album 'Perpetual Immobile'. OUT NOW!

' Behind the Scenes' -  Exclusive footage from Philhelmon’s new album 'Perpetual Immobile'. OUT NOW!



KY FIFER - lead vocals, composer, lyricist and multi instruments

Vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Ky Fifer resides in the USA in the state of Oregon. Whether it be singing and co-writing in Philhelmon, or playing, writing, and producing his other bands Wilson Fifer Rose and Redtop Medusa, Ky enjoys adding his eclectic sensibility to everything he touches. Contributing to the band Philhelmon with Henk Bol is one of his great joys.

JOHN HAVERMANS (R.I.P.) - synthesizers, church organ, composer, sequences and programming

With a broken heart I have to announce that my dear friend, buddy, partner in crime, brother in arms, John Havermans lost his battle with cancer and passed away on sunday 12 march 2017. Thank you so much for 36 years of friendship, happiness and making music. John was worldwide known as a doctor in science at TNO and very well respected for his research by his colleague's around the globe. But he was also specialized in modular and analog synthesizers and worked together with me on lots of other projects like 'Ayreon' and 'Precious Time'. Farewell my dear friend, you always be a part of me and my music.

Cleem is a dutch classically-trained and an incredible pianist who has a very long career in pop, prog and classical music. He played with best friend Henk Bol in blues-prog band 'Crusade' till 1974. After that joining Finch, Ayreon and many more groups. Considered by many to be one of the more overlooked progressive rock groups, 'Finch' were a dutch instrumental band that recorded three albums in the seventies. 'Ayreon' music is mostly heavy metal and progressive rock but combines them with genres like folk, classical and electronica.

NICK OOSTERHUIS - keyboards, piano, lead guitar, composer

Friends with Henk Bol since the seventies but they never played in the same band. Throughout his multi-faceted career, Nick Oosterhuis has been regarded as a gifted performer, a musical virtuoso and an inspired songwriter. After finishing Henk Bol first solo project in 1985 he moved to Germany. Through this venture Nick has been fortunate to participate in countless records (performing and/or writing) for many major artists. Nick currently resides and works near Hamburg - Germany, as a musician, engineer, producer and songwriter.

ALESSANDRO BERTONI - lead synthesizer

Classically-trained Italian keyboardist Alessandro Bertoni was a member of instrumental progressive metal band 'Aphelion', whose only full-length album, Franticode (2008) was produced by none other than keyboardist Derek Sherinian - one of the icons of modern prog-fusion. In 2009 Bertoni moved to Los Angeles like so many talented musicians before him to work as a teacher and session player. He also recorded his first solo album, Keystone in LA, resuming his collaboration with Derek Sherinian.

NATHALIE MEES - soprano voice

What does a classic dutch educated soprano with a progressive rock band I hear you think. Well there is only one answer she loves prog. Nathalie studied music registration at the Royal conservatorium with classic singing as a capital subject and graduated in 2005. She was the backing vocalist on tour with Liesbeth List (a famous Dutch female singer). In 2012 she joined progressive rock band 'PBII' as soprano and official member of band for the Rock opera 1000Wishes. There was no better opportunity for her to join two worlds.


Ana Batista is the voice of Heylel, a progressive rock band from Portugal founded by Narciso Monteiro. The band combines influences ranging from classic to hard and even symphonic rock, with a very personal touch. The outcome is a dark, atmospheric and involving sound, gracefully combined with Ana’s beautiful voice. Their new album "Shades of Time” is full of surprises, featuring well known guests from the international prog scene like our own Ky Fifer, Kristoffer Gildenlow, Erik Laan and Portuguese singer Francisca Ribeiro.

Pjotr playes the flute since the age of 16. His first band was the symphonic rockband 'Crusade' together with Henk Bol in 1974. Then he also started playing different saxophones and became a member of the commercial band Exclusive in which he did a lot of gigs. In that period he also played in several bands with WillemJan Droog. He participated on 2 CD's of tango singer Mabel Gonzales. But also on all the 'Philhelmon' and 'Melle Band' albums. Now Pjotr has his own band 'Demeter' and plays in 'The Enterprise Bigband'.

CEES ZOETEWEIJ - mouth harp

Friends and classmates since the sixties Cees and Henk Bol played for more then 50 years together in various bands like 'Crusade" in the Netherlands. He is a gifted Blues piano player but has no problem playing other styles on Hammond, Synthesizer Saxophone and Bluesharp, etc. He is now retired but still active and recorded more then 18 solo cd's in his homestudio.

He is a professional violin player and teacher from Italy. Played alone and as part of a chamber. He has been recorded for radio and played live for the world to see. He is a member of the band 'Armonite’ with composer Paolo Fosso, Porcupine Tree's bassist Colin Edwin and Dutch drummer Jasper Barendregt. Their album The Sun is New each Day is produced by the producer of Muse Paul Reeve, mastering at the Abbey Road Studios. Share your dose of Armonite each day; it's online for free! Jacopo also has a degree in Architecture and a master degree in graphic 3D Studio Max. 

John and Henk met in 2002 during a New Years party at John Havermans house. After talking long about music Henk joined their band ‘Precious Time’ till 2008 and recorded two albums with them. Today they still work together on different occasions. John now writes music under the name Giovanni Blue.

ALBERT HOUWAART - lead guitar

Another true Dutch but very modest guitar virtuoso, loves to play the guitar and keyboards.

Played a.o. in Detonator, Montany, Carthago.

MARK BOGERT - lead guitar

Mark Bogert is one of Dutch true guitar virtuoso. He formed progressive rock band 'Penny’s Twisted Flavour' with which he self released one album before joining Holland’s biggest prog outfit 'Knight Area'. His solo work enables him to share his musical stories, all told by his guitar. At the age of seven he got in touch with music. Aged twelve he discovered the guitar. Beside playing the guitar, composing and arranging have played an important role in Mark's development. He has written compositions and arrangements for various line-ups and regularly travels through Europe to teach and to conduct clinics and workshops.

DENNIS DE BRUIJN - leadguitar

Dennis also known as Scali Bohemiq is another modest great dutch guitarplayer and we are vey glad to have him on board again.

MICHAEL SAMSON - leadguitar

Michael is an old colleague of Henk Bol during the nineties but he also was a classmate of Nick Oosterhuis in the sixties. What a small world after all. Guitar teacher at VAK Institute for the Arts in Delft and also at his private teaching practice, NootistenKamer in Schiedam. He enjoys, giving workshops and considers that a very inspiring and refreshing musical activity. Besides teaching he mainly focuses on composing, arranging and recording his own music. Michael Samson has played with among others jazz-fusion flautists Ronald Snijders and Chris Hinze and has also with the great alto player Charlie Mariano.

Is a dutch guitar virtuoso playing in his metal-band 'Sudden Annihilation' and they recorded their first album in Florida - USA. He also tours the Europe and the Middle East as an international session guitarist with metal-band 'Melechesh’ that originated in Israel and is currently based in Amsterdam.

Hans and Henk Bol met on the internet about six years ago. He is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitars, keyboards, bass, drums etc. He has a very broad musical background, playing for over 45 years. In that time he has been influenced by 70’s and 80’s symphonic rock, jazz rock/fusion and nowadays progressive metal to name a few.

Currently playing with his own prog band 'Whitecave".

PETER VAN RAVENS - classical guitar

Peter and Henk Bol met somewhre in the nineties. After studying cultural anthropology and HBO-V, he worked as a medical nurse. But the guitar remained his passion and he started guitar teaching in 1995. Since 2005 he has his own guitar school in Vlaardingen, an inspiring work environment where musical colleagues and pupils are certainly responsible for fun!

CHRIS BUCK - bass guitar

Above all else.... music has always been the most serious part of his life and never less than an obsessive passion. 
In 2006 Chris started ”Progasaurus" when he made the decision to create a project that's soul was strictly musical. The music recorded since then was magnified so greatly by his friends the unearthly talents of Brett Garsed, Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati, Brian Tichy and of course the one and only Allan Holdsworth.
Right now Chris is touring the USA regularly with famous musician Jim Messina.

ERWIN HUIGEN - fretless bass guitar

Is an allround upright and electric bass player from Dordrecht in the Netherlands. Inclined to grab the fretless bass guitar most frequently, because of the beautiful “mwah” sound. Finds himself lucky to have an active music career next to his work as an engineer. Music brought him to play at many beautiful venues in and outside the Netherlands. Currently playing with singer songwriter Marlou Vriens.

Not related to Henk Bol but classmates and best friends since the sixties. Mels played with him in blues-prog band 'Crusade’ and he was featering in many more famous dutch groups like 'Fontesa' and 'Cuby and the Blizzards' in which he played with the legendary Herman Brood. Today Mels is working on different solo Jazz projects and Big bands. With The Bill Bakers Bigband he toured in England and the U.S.A. From time to time he performs with his Melle Quartet in which he composes and writes the lyrics, with top artists such as Wim Warman on piano, sax player Stanislav Mitrovic and double bass player Anton Busier.

Not related in anyway to Henk Bol but they met on Facebook. Joris is the drummer of Dutch progressive rock band 'The Aurora Project', known for their concept-albums 'Selling The Aggression' and 'World Of Grey'. Go check them out!

Not related in anyway to Henk Bol but they met on facebook. Maarten is from Katwijk the Netherlands and he started playing drums at the age of 8. Through local bands, orchestra an music educational schools as a child, he became the awesome drummer that he his today. Former drummer of many local bands and currently playing prog metal with 'Carthago' writing their own songs and prog metal coverband 'Stranger Deja Vu'.

RON HURST - drums

Ron is the drummer of famous band 'Steppenwolf'. He is also a drum teacher at MIR Music in Hillsboro, Oregon USA where he met Ky Fifer. He grew up with Steppenwolf keyboardist Michael Wilk. They toured the Northeast U.S. and shared the stage with other then-unknown bands the likes of J. Geils Band and Aerosmith. As a fill-in drummer he has played with 'Three Dog Night' and 'The Guess Who', performed with the Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam Band, and played encores with The Doobie Brothers. He started off as a jazz drummer, playing swing and big band styles and accompanying the legendary Chuck Berry.

JAY SETAR - drums

Californian drummer Jay Setar is perfectly matched to the skills needed for technical and progressive music. Jay Setar provides mind-blowing beats that compliment Philhelmon's progressive style.


Meet Magnus Brandell from Sweden, OddGrooves’ hard-working drummer. As a session drummer, Magnus is often hired to play the really difficult stuff, such as fusion, progressive rock and weird time signatures. After all, he was trained by Dream Theater 'Mike Mangini’ at the Berklee College of Music. But it’s not only Magnus’ chops that sets him apart from the crowd. It’s also his sense of groove, timing and sheer musicality. His ability to push a song to the next level.


Rick Kallen grew up in the 80's, and it shows. He enjoys writing, customizing cars, watching cartoons, and thinking about outer space at his home in Portland, Oregon in the USA.

TIGER BROOKE - backing vocals

Tiger is from Oregon USA but hate biographies, according to her they take the mystery out of everything. 
But she is a composer/singer of studio band 'The Redtop Medusa Project’ and artistic director at Portly Pig Arts 
were they explore stop motion fusion by creating amazing work at the intersection of art, technology and entertainment.

Margie is a music teacher, choral ensemble leader, and shares vocal duties with Tiger Brooke, Greg West, and Ky Fifer in the Redtop Medusa Project. She often frequents Ky's Youtube channel lending her voice, keyboard skills, and arrangement ideas to the occasional cover song he posts. She can also be heard voice acting in the occasional animation project through Portly Pig Studios.

MARLOU VRIENS - backing vocals

Marlou Vriens is a singer, songwriter, composer and arranger from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has her own band and their latest release is “Long way home”. She worked with Mario Goossens and the Damned and Dirty as backing vocalist. As a composer she created and sang music for WoMAN (Årets Reumert Nominee) and Garden, both performances by himheranditproductions at Bora Bora dance theatre in Aarhus (DK). Marlou is thrilled to be singing for Philhelmon alongside her Youth Choir “Out of the Blue”.

Elizabeth has been singing in choirs since she was a little girl, and continues to do so to this day. She is always up for stretching herself musically whether it be playing her mandolin, singing in musical theatre productions, or joining Philhelmon in their latest progressive rock endeavor.

Emily has a natural affinity for music, and has recently started to sing in choirs and musical theatre productions. Besides being a huge fan of music, her interests include astronomy and linguistics. She is an aspiring writer who spends much of her time musing on the vast intricacies of the universe.

Dustin Rose is a true USA Northwest original. He uses his personal experiences in life to create music that is both rich with meaning and sonically beautiful. He is known for his tight vocal harmonies, organic piano sound, and strong acoustic guitar presence. He can transition from beautiful tenor to gritty and unique with an edgy feel in a heartbeat. Dustin has been performing live for over 20 years as a solo act, in bands and most recently with Wilson Fifer Rose.

Austin is a singer and actor form Oregon USA .Having known each other for 10 years or more he, Ky Fifer, and Dustin Rose have sung separately and together in choirs, bands, musicals, karaoke bars, on street corners, and in just about any other capacity one can fathom. However, it wasn't until the summer of 2011 that they finally decided to officaly put some songs down together for a full length album.

Greg from the USA Is singer of studio band 'The Redtop Medusa Project’ and artistic director at Portly Pig Arts 
were they explore stop motion fusion by creating work at the intersection of art, technology, and entertainment.  

Besides having taken the photo that graces the cover of Philhelmon's album "Enjoy It While It Lasts',
Tyler has sung with Ky for years on various recordings and in choirs and will probably continue to do so
for many years to come!

REGAN NISHIKAWA - backing vocals

Regan is a Graphic Designer and Photographer. He uses his skills with Photoshop to create conceptual and surrealistic photographs. But in his free time he also play's the piano and likes to sing as a backing vocalist.

KERYGMA CHOIR - backing vocals

The Kyregma Choir is an enthusiastic choir from Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands. The choir has 25 members and their repertoire consists of Dutch and English songs, ballads, worn-and up-tempo songs, both gospel-and generation Church songs. With this wide variety of songs they want to proclaim (Kerygma means Notification) that faith plays an important role in their lives. For many years the choir is conducted by Addy van der Knaap who played drums with Henk Bol in their company band.

OUT OF THE BLUE CHOIR - backing vocals

Youth Choir “Out of the Blue" is based in Gouda, founded by Marlou Vriens in 2011. Out of the Blue has had quiet a ride. They were invited twice for the International Choir Festival in Solingen (2013 and 2017), in Belgium and sang with vocal group Pitch Control and Bonner Jazzchor. Out of the Blue is known for their wide range of musical interests, singing a variety of pop/jazz arrangements and originals by Marlou Vriens.

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Philhelmon Missisippi Delta 2011

For the past 52-years I’ve been a semi-pro musician and a graphic designer. My musical life began a long time ago as an eight-year-old who fell in love with the guitar upon hearing bands like The Shadows etc. As a teen my guitar playing evolved by listening to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and many  others. After high school became interested in many other forms of music; Blues, Progressive Rock, Classical, Jazz, and all new forms of music created as a result of these styles colliding. Although getting famous was and is an unobtainable utopia,
I love music to the point of being addicted! I can't help but continue to create.
As a long-time (bass) guitarist I also like to write and play blues-based rock, progressive rock, and make video clips. I'm also a synthesizer aficionado. When ELP and Wendy Carlos with the MOOG Synthesizer came along
I wanted to play keyboards as well. In 1969 this helped inspire me to start ‘Bluesgroup Crusade’ with friends which in 1971 became ‘Progressive Rockgroup Crusade.’ We split up in 1974 and many of my peers started playing in famous Dutch groups like; Cuby & The Blizzards, Livin' Blues, Finch and later on in Ayreon etc.

Due to my growing interest in the facets of production, engineering, arranging, and composing, over the past
40 years, I’ve built my home-studio into a functional little recording space. What’s crazy about this generation
of musicians and producers is that the majority of them make music in basements, sheds and bedrooms - makeshift studios like mine. With the help of my growing community of musical friends I recorded my first solo project 'Different Places, Different Faces’ in 1985. It’s still available on iTunes and in many other internet stores.

In 1990 the original ‘Blues Crusade’ line-up started got back together and was renamed 'Bluesgroup Crusade+Friends'. In 2000 I left Crusade to join the crossover band ‘Precious Time’. We released the album
‘Did I Ever Tell You?’ in 2003. In 2005 ‘Precious Time’ released their second album 'If the Gods Knew’.

In 2006 I started working on my second solo project entitled, 'Enjoy it while it lasts'. This album has a slight progressive rock sound and might more fittingly be called progressive pop.
Enjoy it while it lasts' received raving press and radio reviews/interviews world wide.This Limited Edition is SOLD OUT! But still available

as download at

Making good music takes time. Simple, right? If you put in the thousand of hours your ideas will hopefully take shape. But in any workflow, there will be some problems: creative blocks, mistakes, and all the other awful things that eat up time. They may seem like a necessary evil, but dealing with roadblocks… we’ve had our fair share. It is with great pride that we present you with our most recent prog-pop-rock album ’Perpetual Immobile’.


The whole album involved some excellent singing and playing by a wonderful cast of national and international musicians.This idea of inspiration and collaboration also makes me feel very fortunate that I live in a time where the power of the internet can open new doorways for working with people around the globe.

Perpetual Immobile: Epistemic Impossibility is riddled with searing lead guitars, virtuosic synths, and a lot of complex layers of instruments from all over the world. Musically it is progressive rock, but definitely has a lot of melodicism and accessible hooks to the point that you could almost call it progressive pop. Conceptually, the title, Perpetual Immobile: Epistemic Impossibility, references a philosophical idea in modal logic. If something is perpetually immobile, then it is forever unmoving, and if something is epistemically impossible it cannot be true given what we know. The lyrical concepts focus on moving from the individual’s experience, to what can be known by the individual, to things that are beyond what we can know. It represents us on the journey of life and search for meaning.

We collaborate worldwide with more then 50 stellar musicians and 2 choir's resulting in 80 minutes of music. Get this deluxe Limited Edition on your shelf. CD comes in a 6 page digisleeve design with printed spine and a
28 lyrics booklet. Mastering by Steve Kitch (The Pineapple Thief) UK.

After raving reviews, interviews and comments in magazines, internet, radio attention and world wide sales,

I thought it's time to share it with you on Bandcamp as well.


Sunday morning
Recording a videoclip USA 2016
Guest musician Ron Hurst
Henk Moog Moduar 2016
Guest musician Dennis de Bruijn
Henk and Ky virtual reality
John & Henk with ARP 2500
Guest musician Mels Bol and me
Guest musician Pjotr Jurtschenko
Another day in the Studio
Music Store USA 2016
With guest musician Albert Houwaart
Ky and Henk USA 2016
Rooftop USA 2016
Henk and Rick USA 2016
Rehearsing time USA 2016
Ky and Tiger Brooke USA 2016
Good times in the USA 2016
Party time USA 2016
Me and guest musician Austin Wilson
Henk and Ky Recording USA 2016
Tea time with Margie Fifer
Fifer Tea Party in Hood River USA
Tiger Brooke Recording
Jay Setar and Chris Buck
Henk and Ky at MIR Music Store
Guest musician Jay Setar
Guest musician Chris Buck
Me and guest musician Joris Bol
Consultation with Nick Oosterhuis
Dear friend John Havermans R.I.P.
Guest musician Joris Bol, hit it!
Guste musician Greg den Hartog
Fun time
Me and Pjotr Jurtschenko
Eject Studio Germany
Jamming with Peter van Ravens
Nathalie Mees and Henk
Playing the Church Organ
Cleem Determeijer recording
Cees Zoetewey and Henk
Dustin Rose and Ky Fifer
iPad fun
Michael Samson recording
Henk in Studio 'Het Pand'
Kyregma Choir recording
Interview Kathy Keller Radioshow
Henk Bol in WORM Studio
Mels 2017 HB01
Cleem Determeijer figure it out
Recording the Blackbird
Meeting managers Kathy and Dirk
Guest musician Ron Hurst
Joris, Henk & Maarten Bol
John Havermans 2016 R.I.P.
Guest musician Giovanni Blue
Henk and Rick Kallen 2017
Ana Batista
Choir 'Out of the Blue'
Pre Order Now!
Philhelmon Merchandise 2018
Philhelmon Crowdfunding 2018
Postoffice Merchandise 2018
Hans Holema & Henk
Guest engineer Narciso Monteiro
Guest musician Alessandro Bertoni
Henk & Steve Kitch
Recording a videoclip USA 2016
Henk aka Philhelmon


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